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Getting A Rusty Tan
  1. Excuses
  2. No Milk Today
  3. Wallflower's Lament
  4. Get Out Of My Way
  5. Better Off
  6. Borrowed Time
  7. Dr. George
  8. I Can't Make Myself Love You
  9. Don't Lose Your Sleep
  10. I'm Still Sane
  11. Big Brother
  12. Only The Dead Know For Sure
  13. Mr. Hate
  14. The Girl Next Door
  15. Getting A Rusty Tan Under The Scrap Iron Sun

  1. Fuse
  2. Whipping Boy
  3. Friday, June 28th
  4. Sometimes
  5. Born Losers
  6. Can't
  7. Come To Me
  8. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
  9. Put Your Head In The Sand
  10. Baby Of The Family
  11. I Even Love The Way You Put Me Down
  12. Did You Notice
  13. The Missing Link
  14. I've Given You Everything
  15. Can The Circle Be Unbroken?
  16. Nerves

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Big Brother

Verse 1:
Big brother pays all my bills.
Big brother cures all my ills.
Big brother puts food on my table.
Big brother's hand rocks the cradle.
Big brother teaches right from wrong.
Big brother's arm is strong.
Verse 2:
Big brother shows me how to speak.
Big brother shows me what to think.
Big brother provides me with work.
Big brother never lets me shirk.
Big brother knows where I belong.
Big brother's arm is long.
Big brother,
Big brother.
Verse 3:
Big brother persecutes the greedy.
Big brother claims to help the needy.
Big brother's burden is heavy, but
Big brother needs the taxes he levies.
Big brother protects me from harm when
Big brother sounds the alarm.
Bite the hand that feeds you
Or you'll live to regret...
The other hand it holds your leash
And that's wrapped around your neck.
Verse 4:
Big brother covers his ass.
Big brother forgot the past.
Big brother wants you to follow.
Big brother expects you to swallow.
Big brother's politics are correct.
Big brother's not who you'd expect.
Verse 5:
Big brother's trying to pull my strings.
Big brother wants to clip my wings.
Big brother lies to my face.
Big brother covers up his disgrace.
Big brother better watch his back,
Little brother just might fight back.

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