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Getting A Rusty Tan
  1. Excuses
  2. No Milk Today
  3. Wallflower's Lament
  4. Get Out Of My Way
  5. Better Off
  6. Borrowed Time
  7. Dr. George
  8. I Can't Make Myself Love You
  9. Don't Lose Your Sleep
  10. I'm Still Sane
  11. Big Brother
  12. Only The Dead Know For Sure
  13. Mr. Hate
  14. The Girl Next Door
  15. Getting A Rusty Tan Under The Scrap Iron Sun

  1. Fuse
  2. Whipping Boy
  3. Friday, June 28th
  4. Sometimes
  5. Born Losers
  6. Can't
  7. Come To Me
  8. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
  9. Put Your Head In The Sand
  10. Baby Of The Family
  11. I Even Love The Way You Put Me Down
  12. Did You Notice
  13. The Missing Link
  14. I've Given You Everything
  15. Can The Circle Be Unbroken?
  16. Nerves

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Wallflower's Lament

Verse 1:
Leave me room to get in,
Been in line since a quarter to ten.
Band's warmin' up 'bout to begin.
Don't wanna be left out again.
Verse 2:
Breath deep and suck it in,
Make room for me to get in.
Hot women rhythm and gin.
Don't wanna be left out again, because
Every time I reach that door
They close it in my face,
The place won't hold no more.
All my life again and again
I'm on the outside just looking in.
I can't win.
Verse 3:
Almost through that door.
Can smell the sweat coming from the dance floor.
Feel a shaking starting in my toes,
Earthquake gonna rattle my bones
Finally the line moves in.
Find a barstool and sit down at the end.
Vodka Martini please, not stirred, shaken.
My cold feet tapping with the rhythm.
Verse 4:
Oh my God look at all the single women
Dancing together for the lack of men.
Don't quite know where to begin.
Guess I should have taken dancing lessons.
Verse 5:
So I breath deep and let out a sigh,
Nurse my martini and watch from the side.
Maybe next time I'll get up and try to dance,
But for now I'll just sit here and cry.

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